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Our Practice

It is not possible to describe every type of legal matter which
Nold ♦ Muchinsky routinely handles or our method of handling such matters. However, the following is a synopsis.

Legal Representation
Real Estate Leasing
Real Estate Disputes
Business Advising
Contractual Disputes
Partnership Disputes
Fraud and Theft Matters
Construction Disputes
Debt Recovery Matters
Creditor Bankruptcy Matters
Complex Personal Injury

Method of Handling Disputes
Nold ♦ Muchinsky has a track record of steering clients away from litigation whenever possible – but thriving in court when necessary. It is only when a client’s adversaries (and their lawyers) know that such results are possible that successful outcomes can be negotiated. While settlements quickly fade into obscurity and are known only to those involved, outcomes at the trial and appellate courts are matters of public record. In the latter instance, the results of Nold ♦ Muchinsky speak for themselves.

The secret to this level of success is not the ability to win every dispute in court. That is a promise that no lawyer can keep. The key is to only proceed to court when there is a strong likelihood of success – and in those instances, to work harder and smarter than the opposition at every step of the process.

That is a promise that Nold ♦ Muchinsky can make – and can keep. Nobody will work harder or smarter to achieve the best possible outcome.