Sophisticated clients know that the most successful outcomes are almost always those in which lawyers resolve a dispute without any litigation whatsoever.  That said, sometimes litigation is the only option – and sometimes litigation requires victory in the courtroom. 

In those circumstances, Nold Muchinsky has consistently excelled.  Some of these outcomes include:  

Bellevue Square v. Whole Foods

Obtained a preliminary injunction enforcing continuous operating covenant in commercial lease; one of the first such rulings in the country. 

Bellevue Square v. Global Baristas

Tully’s Coffee breached its lease during construction of tenant improvements.  The company’s CEO (a licensed attorney) refused to produce his emails with his employees, citing the attorney-client privilege.  The trial court rejected this argument and awarded default judgment.  The Court of Appeals denied interlocutory review on the issue twice and affirmed the default judgment.

Washington Federal v. Algo

Obtained and collected over one million dollars following breach of a mediated settlement agreement.

Torgerson v. One Lincoln Tower

A real estate developer relied on a limitation of remedies provision in a purchase and sale agreement, to limit two condominium buyers to the sole remedy of a return of their earnest money.  Developer obtained summary judgment dismissal of all claims.  The Court of Appeals affirmed, reversing a denial of developer’s attorney fees, and the Washington State Supreme Court affirmed in a unanimous decision, clarifying the law on this fundamental issue.